Mega bicycle pump generates power from wave energy. Entrepreneurs are working on an alternative for wind energy

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Mention an alternative to fossil fuels and many people will think of wind energy, turbines at sea that capture wind and generate electricity. But don’t forget the possibility to get energy below the surface of the water from something as natural as waves. In Portugal and Scotland it already is a proven source of energy. 


In the Netherlands, too, a lot of work is being done concerning all kinds of sustainable energy plans. Such as the project of the company Symphony Wave Power, which is supervised by Techport, a partnership of schools, companies and governments in the IJmond.


The driving force behind this company is Fred Gardner, who has been working for 30 years on extracting electricity from the tides. “This is a great way to generate energy, in addition to wind energy and other sustainable energy.”


Read the full article (Dutch):–qf

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