Symphony Wave Power is a collaboration of multiple companies, funded by governments and private investors. We are actively looking for partners that can help us shape the future and make this innovative technology a reality. If you would like to know more about a possible partnership: please contact us. We are open to share our ideas, the endless possibilities and the enormous potential of this new wave of invisible energy. 


Teamwork Technology 


Teamwork Technology develops technology and products from a strong market vision on sustainable energy. The company houses technologies in startups which they support to grow towards successful and independent enterprises with impact. A great way to contribute to a sustainable world while making profit.


Teamwork Technology has a track record with wave and tidal energy. Symphony Wave Power builds on that previously acquired knowledge and experience. 


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A reliable partner in the energy and maritime sector, with 45 years of experience in the field of manufacturing, service and maintenance of piping, valves and structures In addition services like Advice & Design, Decomissioning, Valve care and 24/7 support.

Multimetaal as a founding shareholder in Symphony Wave Power Ltd, has an important role in the development of Symphony wave energy technology.


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in2sea LDA was created as a platform for joining the large experience of its founders in sustainable marine development. Our objective is to contribute to the new Blue Growth ambitions of Portugal and beyond, by concept and strategic development, engineering and feasibility studies, operational support and public project participation, as well as active contributions to the dialogue. 


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With support of

ENCORE Interreg


The aim of the ENCORE project is to advance four offshore renewable energy technologies (including wave energy convertors, tidal and river current turbines and offshore floating solar) in a structured and collaborative process and to develop open-source tools & services to facilitate the accelerated commercialisation of offshore energy solutions for islands, harbours, estuaries and offshore structures, with a focus on the 2 Seas region and export.


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Provincie Noord-Holland


Finances start-up and expansion projects that contribute to the sustainability objectives of the province of North Holland; for example projects in the field of Energy Transition, such renewable power generation, delivery and technology. 

Gemeente Velsen


Support for projects that contribute to the municipal objective of increasing sustainability and strengthening innovation in the manufacturing industry. Projects are part of the NZKG energy transition regional plan, which also demonstrates the broad regional social importance. 

Project partners