‘Symphony moves like a spring in the water’

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How does the thermodynamic process affect the Symphony’s behavior? That’s the question Claudia Valkenier, student Physics at the University of Amsterdam and VU Amsterdam, will tackle. Claudia has opted for energy and sustainability and came in contact with Symphony Wave Power through partner Multimetaal. Claudia: “This assignment is right up my alley; sustainability, small business and I want to really mean something. Although my specialization is in a different field, I really like this goal.”


Claudia’s assignment focuses on the influence of temperature on the process. Claudia: “The Symphony moves like a spring in the water; it oscillates vertically with the waves. There are several forces acting on the Symphony causing internal differences in pressure and temperature. How these forces exactly relate to temperature is still unknown and it is up to me to investigate this. For example, I will investigate what the temperatures in all compartments are, and whether the Symphony slowly warms up over a longer period of time. I’ve now finished reading all the old graduation theses and we’ve agreed that we’re going to start with a simple model in which we’re going to simulate a wave in which we make the Symphony move. After this we will make this model more and more complex to find answers. Finally, I’m going to write a script that we can include in the program. I hope to graduate in October, so I will remain involved in the project for a while.”

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