First wave energy park in the North Sea in 2023

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Fred Gardner, founder of Symphony Wave Power, can already imagine it: “In 2023 we will have the first wave energy park in the North Sea with six working Symphoniess’’. Before we get to that point, we still have to complete the development phase. The biggest risks of the project are covered. The components have been successfully tested at TU Delft and in Portugal. The turbine is now in the workshop at Multimetaal in Den Helder. Here, the entire Symphony will be assembled and we will have everything running, including the turbine.


Finding a good location in the sea is high on our priority list. We are going to perform the “wet” tests there. We are currently looking at various locations, including the sea near The Hague, where we have also discovered the possibilities of linking the Symphony Wave Power to a platform where hydrogen is made.”


Significant strides have already been made in the technology development. Fred: “We are now focusing on the end users. Symphony Wave Power is a wonderful device with which you can provide 100% of the energy demand of  all coastal regions. A major advantage is that the system is under water, so there is no horizon pollution. And you only need “a small piece” of the North Sea. Local governments are enthusiastic, for example the ‘Wadden eilanden’ (Islands of the Netherlands) are very interested in the technology.


The Symphony Wave Power team is small, but great. A lot of work is being done. Fred: for example; “Bouke Veldman is leading our company and is working hard on setting up the entire program management”. We have a close-knit team of real professionals and work closely with other companies such as Multimetaal and Harsveld. We will grow the company step by step in the near future. To make this happen, we are looking for people who like a challenge.


What I personally like, is working with professionals to take on the challenge together. It is innovative, but there are also doubts. I see that too. The doubts are mainly in the details and I don’t have all the answers myself. It’s definitely worth it. It is a potential multibillion dollar industry we are talking about, but we need an investment of a couple of million dollars to open the market. New energy technologies can help change the world. And that makes it worthwhile to work on Symphony Wave Power with a lot of energy and dedication.”


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