Tussen Kolen en Parijs

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Wave energy from Symphony Wave Power is included in the Dutch digital magazine “Tussen Kolen en Parijs” (between coal and Paris) of Dutch renewable energy innovation platform Urgenda. The guide was published June 23, 2021. In this guide, Urgenda shows that there is much more that can be done regionally than people think. 

Marian Minnesma, director of the Urgenda Foundation: “Many drops hollow out the stone. We often think that the energy transition can only be achieved with large steps, but the growth of solar energy was largely due to millions of people installing solar panels on their roofs. Many small steps creates a big effect. Regional project are have larger support within local communities. The energy transition is often treated separately in small parts, but looking at the big picture provides perspective. A lot of energy saving possibilities are built into the required changes, because new techniques often require much less energy. If we do everything necessary, the energy required is halved. If we use different trajectories, we can generate more than enough sustainable energy to have even more amibitious goals by 2030.”

 On page 72 of the digital magazine “Tussen Kolen en Parijs” Symphony Wave Power has been given a well deserved place in this booklet as an innovation in the field of sustainable energy.

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